2016 Timeline

I have left this entry abundant for a months now and i should be continue on doing it. It was actually going to be about on what did i do on the whole year of 2-0-1-6. so this is how it goes like but i will just show you on how it turns out with the art of pictures. Sorry for the missed out but i barely remember on what actually had happened precisely on every month. I swear this is going to be the longest post ever but dont worry its just going to be in the terms of picture. So enjoy scrolling through it ok!

senior year in school 

pelantikan MPP days 

and alhamdulillah was chosen as the school's P5
went to Terengganu's beach and here's the sand

had a family fun photoshoot at night around Dataran Merdeka 
polaroid from the TIKL's carnival day

TIKL Carnival day pic #2

TIKL Carnival day pic #3

TIKL Carnival day pic #3 without nadhi :(

TIKL Carnival day pic #4 with the semekad's clique
cousin's wedding photostrips
a gif during my cousin's wedding

Majlis Khatam Al- Quran at school with deskmate <3
with the broken arms

place i should be sitting

not-so-class photo on the day 

SMSS's Carnival day with a good drinks 

SMSS's day with my #2Fab
ekspedisi ilmu days

more gif from the ekspedisi ilmu days

again more pic with the background of smss

makeover in Tulip with the lads

work squad on the teacher's day 
kedah trip visiting abang

penang trip with fams

penang's skies

Sejarah's talk with the genius

 just girls on the same

Sejarah's talk celfie
Nabilah's birthday surprise

Puasa celebration at school

Raya '16

Raya '16 with the trios

raya's outfit

2nd raya

more from raya

School sports day 

P5 on The Last sport day for school life 

visiting Uncle Rizal's house
a little photoshoot
accompanying KRS boys to marchings competittion
ladies on the day
ASiS Ascard with 4A3

Ascard with semekad

3B Duty days at Bilik Warden 
tikl raya with syaitonic

tikl raya with gbs 

Tikl raya with deskmate 

them celebrating my bday

bday treat by ATK

Addmaths outreach at seseri

Seseri and Tikl collab

more love for addmaths 

Merdeka Celebration

Woops more merdaka days

class of '16 

photoshoot day with classe

more on the photoshoot day

Magazine photoshoot day

more with doormates for the magazine 

3B on prep night-dawn-so-not-

Light festival at MAEPS 

Gone there with her, <3

Azira's bday treay to zoo

zoo pic #2

zoo pic #3

2nd Class photoshoot with the girls

more photoshoot with gbs of 5A1

one with bedmate 

3rd class photoshoot 

one with the lucky

LK collab stay-at-school day 


LK collab with the SMSS

one with LK Genius 

Hari Sukan Negara with the volley team 


askar mana ni sesat 

Jr Mpp much love

Grad day 

fun on the grad day #2

fun on the grad day #3

fun on the grad day #4

5A1 KFC Party

5A1 party #2

5A1 hambar island

more jamuan mpp at picc

tilt your head a bit 
spm stressful day so take a break at TAPAK

Buddies last day 

last few bits at surau al-falah

tulip at surau

hardworking days for SPM at DM 

more prep days at DM 

the late night struggle at bilik bacaan SA

School's view #1

School's view #2

polaroid for last few bits prep at DM 

Done with SPM's last paper

last day at school with the 3B

one last time with bonda and pn hasla :( missing them already

last one with gbs nags on the second last day 

last view of aspuri 

TAPAK day out with abah and azira

with the view from TAPAK

 Mpp Langkawi's trip #1

 Mpp Langkawi's trip #2

 Mpp Langkawi's trip #3

 Mpp Langkawi's trip #4

 Mpp Langkawi's trip #5

 Mpp Langkawi's trip #6

 Mpp Langkawi's trip #7

 Mpp Langkawi's trip #8

 Mpp Langkawi's trip #9

 Mpp Langkawi's trip #10

 Mpp Langkawi's trip #11

 Mpp Langkawi's trip #12

 Mpp Langkawi's trip #13

 Mpp Langkawi's trip #14

 Mpp Langkawi's trip #15

 Mpp Langkawi's trip #16

PD Vacay with a perf view

Aiza bday treat to PD 

pd fun day with ma and abah

trios unite again <3

out for merchants lane

more stories on my previous story 

accompanied by ATIKAYY

now that sums up my 2016, there was serious so much things happened but not all of it could be captured with my excellent ios camera or even my friend's it was tremendously awesome year. if i coould describe 2016 in one word it would be FANTABULOUS which means the combination of fantastic and fabulous. love it. wait for more post soon. 
with love, 

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