something i wish i know

As days comes, people of the 99's are now starting to do the countdown for the result's day. I always have the feeling of nervous, shaking and even restless when even talking about it. I wish I knew my result beforehand so that I could decide whether to bring my mum along on the results day, or not. the points are because; 

1. If mama comes with; if I get good results it will inshaAllah make her happy but if it's bad one I'm pretty sure she'll be upset but pretend that she's not whilst I'm the one who feels bad about myself too 

2. If mama doesn't come; if its a good result; I should be regretting not facing the reality with her but if it's bad one; I'll have no shoulders to lean and to have the positive words 

 but now I am not thinking about the bad sides, just have to stay positive all the time but not to be so confident with it. InshaAllah Allah has prepared the best for me, and may He ease everything for me and my friends future. wishing all the best to those who's facing the result day soon.


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  1. You've worked hard for it & followed with dua's :)




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