Happy Birthday Malaysia❤️

Ola! It has been a real long time since my last post and im sorry :( So on the 31st of August Malaysia had turned 59! and im a proud Malaysian here. So basically my school had organize an event specially just for you(Malaysia) I think most of us enjoyed it like literally so much. during that time everyone shows how patriotic a student can be when the patriotic is played loud! We wave our flags & sing excitedly like how a toddler sings alphabet's song! During the night time, the whole asrama's students had Nasi Ambang! its was my first time eating them and that was not bad for a first timer like me! It was fun since we get to eat at the School's Dataran, it was sort of like a picnic kind of style but its just  at night! but there was no stars at that moment so we couldnt enjoy the skies view during the night time but hey that doesnt matter when you get surrounded with good people, right? in my opinion pictures tells much more story rather than me babbling all day long! here's a lil compile of pictures during the scene ;

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