17 things i learnt on 2016

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Hello, its already 2017. Happy New Year people, may this year turns out to be much more cherish year than the previous and inshaAllah with better grant from Him. Its so cliche to conclude on how my 2016 goes but let me just summarize it all. It was so good and bad. like the Ying & Yang concept. the white present as good thing while the black thing present as bad thing. Everything comes equally, but it depends on how you manage yourself. So ive turned seventeen on 2016, which means ive live for 17 years now. Alhamdulillah, therefore im going to list down on 17 things that i have learnt on my seventeenth year of living;

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  1. makeup is ok but dont go with too heavy
  2. study is important in life, it helps you with live 
  3. hardwork always pays off
  4. have some time for yourself, NOT too much but atleast a little
  5. not everyone is going to like you and that is always fine
  6. learn to let go and accept new things
  7. black is good but not everyday
  8. choose happiness instead sadness
  10. get out from the comfort zone 
  11. call mom for everything
  12. school is actually fun when it comes to remember memories you had
  13. take more picture even if you dont want to post on instagram
  14. 24 hours in one day is enough when we spend it with doing things that we enjoy
  15. mistake is ok but not on the second time 
  16. second chance does not come always
     and the last thing i have learnt is that.......
     17. there is so much more thing to learn in the future and have fun with it 

and that is all for this time, i hope to share more with you guys. 
much love , 

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