Hello minions (sincere's leader), (relating to the picture above) being a leader is not hard if you can understand everyone's feeling and when everyone would understand your feelings. Lets just say that this counts to be my experience part of life. So basically, talking about what it's like to have a real big responsibility towards school. Im not perfect so does other but i believe that the flaws of a person is the perfection. Team work is the key, obey is the hand. I mean not trying to formal or what but sometimes you can't talk about nonsense right? All i wanted to say here is actually, If a person trained you hard to be a better person, accept with an open heart. If you hate it, try to fight within you to keep on moving forward. If one person drops you down then hey you'll be easily fall in the future. Get up! Wake up! You are you, dont let your ego, your emo, your devil controls you. Be you! Just try to accept the fact that NOT all of people likes you.  
"World is never satisfying if you never satisfied yourself"

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