Graduation '16

Now, There is oonly 22 day left for SPM. Yes, twenty-two days left. Im having a mixed feeling now, scared, guilty, pressured, afraid, and also feeling like i should climb the Everest Mount and cry. The school's graduation have made me feel sad of leaving school soon and also make me feel happy since i have succeed in finish school but still im afraid of going through the journey out there. Im still not ready a real-life still. Emotional day it was since Puan Rafidah had read a very poetic poem about parents. I teared up during she read it and we all had made a respective bow towards the teachers and also our parents. 'Twas a great day indeed but now the mission to SPM is still moving. Here;s a little prove about the memories made. 
BUT before that: Keep me in your prayer and pray for my succes in life and hereafter! xoxo


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