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I have found my new hobby now, which is taking vids. Well, actually I was just doing it for fun and filling up the memory. And so I started taking videos of many things till this one idea came up from a friend of mine telling me to start vlogging. Whilst my intention was not trying to be fame nor what. It's just that they love watching me recording stuff which also brings laughter to them. Feels so good to make other people happy with what I'm doing.

A few days ago I was so hyper with my insta-stories which I kept on posting vids about what's happening around me and so I did make a 15second vid asking my friend's whether should I or shouldn't I start vlogging. Shockingly nearly 70% from all replied with an answer a BIG YES with a sidenote telling me that they'll support me in what I do. Couldn't felt more bless than ever. So thankful and blessed for having the supportive and sporting family and friends. So I did record my first vlog yesterday and edit them approximately as I arrived homed.

InshaAllah there will be more soon! Can't wait to do more. In hope will get more support from all of my friends. Feel free to watch them on my youtube channel. Click here.

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  1. keep on doing what you love gurl!!!!!
    know that i support you with everything that you do! <3 do what makes you happy, do it with love. looking forward to future vlogs!! <333333




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