The Sleepover Club!

Ola senoritas, 

   If you've been going through your Instagram feed recently, I was really having the most greatest time of my 2015! Which is having a sleepover party with my girlfriends  (that doesn't sound gay right? nvm i dont mind) Anyways, if i could tell how amazing my 6 girls are i will, but the thing here is i cant, they're totally indescribable. So this Sleepover Party startup to come up with the idea since all of us haven't meet for about half a year, if im not mistaken, then there goes the plan on making the day happened! 

      - Before Zohor, BE THERE! 
         Everybody eventually arrived at the exact time we had plan but basically Azira "The party planner" doesn't come on time, we've should punish her but since she brought all the ingredients for our food we decide not to just for the sake of us being "hella good" (lucky you Azira!)

      - Everybody! Get Down to Kitchen, NOW! 

         We decided to cook and bake together so we have actually more time of talking, gossiping, dancing, making memories & bash each other i mean i a good way. And so everybody starts to cook and do the motherly works. Yes we actually did, be amaze people! 

      -Surprise Her! 
        While everyone's busy in the kitchen, i myself, Ardilla & Nana starts to call the pizza delivery for our "surprise cake" specially plan for Alia, Since we've never ever celebrate Alia's big day in her entire life we decide that we should do one this year so that she should feel atleast 99% of her life is special awh + EW) and all the covering things happened, i did white lies to her and said that my brother have to send me stuff for the party(what an excuse but she didn't caught us!) so that when her bell rang she would not get out to look who's actually there! Hahaha we're smart enough! i know. It was good to know that she liked our plan and we nearly make her cry and i know she's actually touched by it. You're welcome, Alia! 

[While waiting for the sun to set we sit at the balcony and just talk talk talk on what we've all missed all this year long, with the combination of good weather! The sky was even blue than usual. i swear it was totally good!]
       -Start the Fire!
       Everyone was smelly like really, we all smells like smokes. But still fire couldn't light up around 9 (?) but hey many alternatives way we did and finally we were totally full that night and Alhamdulilah the food was so good as hell! We had, sheperd pie & chicken grill. Damn delicious, want more seriously!

      -Uncle, What Did You Say?

       Everyone was totally knocked out after eating&cooking&cleaning we decide to just talk talk talk and talk in the cozy room decorated with fairylights and rainy weather but suddenly, Alia's dad told us to get ready because he wants to bring us out for "mengeteh" or something, so everyone doesn't really care on wearing a proper clothes anyway, we decided to go with pajamas. Guess what? Her parents brought 7 of us to the center of KL and walk around like a tourist, yes in pajamas. I know its crazy! We couldn't even be more embarrassed. Not just that, he brought us to dataran merdeka and Mcdonald until late night! It was until 2:30am around. 

     -Truth Or Dare? Which? 

      Everyone are not sleepy yet, but even they are, no sleeping yet! Just this time we played truth and dare games which Azira already made the questions, then we just have to draw them & do it! We actually slept at 4-4:30am, I guess?? 

     -Get Wet & Go Wild
      No, i swear we did not go wild as what you think haha, we played water balloon the next day! and yeah what could you ask more? we don't need to go to waterpark to get wet together, i mean we just have to hahahahahaha. Oh btw, dilla couldnt play together since she have to get back home as soon as she could so her lovely madre  fetch her before Zohor! We missed her already!We actually play for real long time i mean until after zohor! Yes we did! 

[All of us gather down at the kitchen after tired of playing with water, and again we all cook and                             eat ice cream and do more talk! Spent more time, you know!]

   -Turn On the TV!
     Watched running together(the latest episode) we really have no idea what movie should we actually watch so we decide to go with RM, obviously the recent episode's theme was Zombie thing so we switch of the light and the playroom was real dark. Nachos, drink, blanket & screams was all there! Not to forget we did prank someone, it nearly turns out real but it did not. So yeah we still had lots of real fun! 
   -Pack Bag :(
    We didnt want this to happened but wait time moves, don't they? We all packed our bag with tears since the clock hand are nearly to 8. But surprisingly we got a message from Alia's dad again, yes again. He said "Alia tell your friend to call their parents and said that Ayah will send them all home and lets go out eat " We heard and we starts to scream like Zac Efron is marrying us. HAHAHAHA WHAT A DREAM THAT NEVER CAME TRUE </3

   -Last Dinner 
    Again we went to the center of KL again and yes we stop and have dinner there! Thankyou so much to Alia's Family for the real special treat and it feels like we've stayed in a palace, im serious! I want everything to happened all the way again. 

So i guess i couldn't explain how the actually party went like but here's a little of how it goes, but obviously the memories was priceless and memorable. Even pictures can't capture how fun&exciting our 2 days was! Couldn't ask for more for meeting up again, hoping for more next year! & yes i would like to take the oppoturnity to wish my girls, Good Luck for SPM, Do the best to achieve our goals, okay? I know this seems early but trust me its not, time actually flies read this post again January next year i can tell you smile of tears of reading this! I love you guys more than you guy's have ever imagined! xoxo
 p/s; Thanks to Alia's family for the real good hospitality and care! xx 

[//memory lane//]


Thankyou, xoxo!

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  1. hye husnaic, im yr entries lover! && will always be yr supporter huhu goodluck tall girl 4 yr spm next year, xoxo -kwangnanos- ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Hi Nanos, Thankyou so much for your love and support! Dont forget to read more okay! Goodluck for spm! & May your relationship with kwangsoo last-long.




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