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so how does it feel like living in the year of 2017? motivational? regreting? self-unconscious? or more like a common answer "ok-ok" For me, so far so great. Always been grateful for another beautiful day ahead except the minor downs in certain seconds. Recently, I've been some to the famous clothes shop somewhere in the area Bangsar. Which is mostly known for the 'rich-people-lepak-places" well, of course, my reason was not lepak-ing or something. It's just that I have to go there for some personal reasons along with that I stopped by at the 'XYZ' shop.

Was looking around and wandering around the shop looking at all the drop dead gorgeous tops and paired kept finding the matchy-matchy bottom for them all. I mean if we couldn't afford it, just play around being a stylist for some self-comforting. what makes me think even harder is actually, the stylist person working in the shop herself was just dressing simple and casual. by simple, I mean seriously, SIMPLE. She was dressed in a white tee with the V-neck collar and a little bit cutting showing her S body line paired with grey slimming tracksuit which doesn't fit tight and a very simple slip-on.

Don't get me wrong! It's not about her look that I'm judging about it's about how simple yet good-looking clothes she can fit in. I swear it look so freaking good. The point I'm about to tell is that we yes WE, kind of most of us especially girls trying to look good every day by wearing the top with bat wing hand style, tops with ruffle, pleated jeans, boots, heels, fit baju and so much more. We do so much effort to look good. But have ever try to look simple and good? Have we ever try to wear any colours of tee shirts and pair with a very simple bottoms to look so fashionable and still be as simple as we could? Even the professionals want to look casual all the time.

So, think again aite?

NO, I'm not saying that you can't but sometimes take a break and mess your mind to think on what fancy clothes should you buy to look the best ever. Just NO.

Be minimalist

Be bold and trust yourself that you look good in all apparel.
I know its so random but sometimes it is the moment that be the lessons, right?

To many more random post but worth reading them.


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  1. agree with this one! it's the minimalism that makes us much more confident in ourselves!

  2. Be proud & confident for anything that you are wearing :D




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