Farewell School Days

1 DEC: We sat for our last SPM paper with all our batch struggling throwing all the outputs we had kept for almost two years. Words cant tell how happy we were when the chief invigilator announce "Masa tinggal lagi 10 minit, calon tidak dibenarkan keluar dari dewan peperiksaan sehingga waktu peperiksaan tamat" We had mixed feelings after the paper ended. But mostly we felt sad, sad than ever. We're not sad because the paper was hard as f but we was emotionally sobbing since t'was the last day in school. We've missed all the memories we made, shared and etc. School was flooding with ocean tears including the heavy rain.

Now im writing this on 2 DEC at my house living room. Still i miss school so much. I miss my girlfriends most, we used to be our self and vain together like no place other. i'll miss lepak at azira's bed while kacau kacau teratai. i'll miss staying at bilik bacaan with dina and fatin. i'll miss kerun nab and jia vaining at surau, arfa trying to make each of us laugh at her hambar joke. and nadhi ofcourse always accompanying me at dorm. i miss staying overnight just to spent our night freely with gossip about school hot-thing. i miss making announcement and rollcall. scold everyone and make them feel guilty, make my kerut face till almost everyone metioned "Che'na jangan berkerut". I miss going down to DM (Dewan Makan) and eat with the aspuri. i miss how unite aspuri was, I miss almost everything now. I miss the environment in a class getting teased by Ayip, Azli and Najmi about me and my life. I miss lawak hambar Adi, Jepp and Iqa. I miss doing rounding duties with my VC partner. I miss Azza for always want me to tell on what realtionship do i have with Lukman. All yes all i miss almost all. I miss the time where me and nadhi berkepit while doing duty. Ati-k and Nadia bahan me all the time, like literally by the time i wake up, ironing, taking bath, cleaning, studying and going to bed again. they'll be teasing me in each seconds. Gossiping at night with Anis. And yes i miss 4 A3 to, tapah, amircak, iqa, iffah, bieha, nurin aida and all.

TIKL is my turning point or more known as SM Teknik Kuala Lumpur. it has change me into being a great adult (?) i guess. Ive meet new kind of people and trully grateful of it, from hate to love, from strangers to friends, from different districts to sisters, ive get to experience being friends with all type of people, i get to hear nags from all type or people. hot guys, cheeky girl, smarty kid, nerd , geek, cute, gorgeous, flawless, broad, handsome, pelik, weird, semua lah semua. semua ada di tikl. now, all of it has just left and only the memories stay in our heart. I love my time in school its just so meaningful to me now. To every person who i know in school here's a message for you guys ;

 " Thankyou for wanting to know me and make me as a part of your highschool days, i love you as friend or more like as a batch and all i hope is that we keep in touch together. <3 "


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