I wish they knew......

  • how tough is my student life 
  • how tough exams weeks are
  • how pack the schedule is when im staying in asrama
  • why Allah gives us rain
  • why Allah let us friend with an unpredictable-attitude friend 
  • why i barely play social medias
  • how precious times are 
  • how privacy my photos in my phone 
  • how to not read people messages on phone 
  • why people have their own attitude
  • how insecure i am when im with my pretty friends 
  • how makeup works
  • how hard it is to not sleep in class 
  • how to actually handle the precious things with care
  • how to take care of my feelings 
  • why we have to dua'a always
  • that i have washing machine in home (& thats why i usually wear the same clothes over again)
  • how hard it is to move on 
  • how pain it is to hide
  • how cool to have good friends
  • why girls are easily tired
  • how period pain feels like
  • why its ok to cry 
  • why memories should me created 
  • why i should just forget about my certain past 
  • why i was born this way 

  •   thats all from me, 
  • xoxo 

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