the ending line of school life


"report saying around 8K students from 400K blah bla bla.................... Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia 2016"

it's finally d-day that the 99's waiting for. some get nerves, while some get a headache, while some don't even care (since they have loads of money for the uni-life expenses; which doesn't even care about applying for a scholarship) tonnes of pressure was on my shoulder like truly hanging like how earring hung up haha. But TRUE, I was half-dead-half-alive, as every minute comes it shivers me as if every dead cell in my body turn out alive back. woah! skipping the whole moments which I genuinely can't even describe how it happens. // Alhamdulillah, All praises to Allah. my results satisfy me so does my friend's, it's so good to be true that all of us are happy with our achievements, again Alhamdulillah. It's amazingly true that Allah has a better plan for each of us, from how we were born to how we will end our lives and follows the hereafter lives.. each moment is just like a mosaic which proves that every circumstance of life is just a small pieces from another to shape a complete life. let me just do a lil bit expression message here; 

Azira, Fatin, Nadhi, Nabilah, Jia, Kerun, Dins, Arfa, Nana, Nissa, Iqa, Dilla, Alia 
my classmates; ( qila, iqa, jepp, thirah, ayip, azli, arafat, amir, liko, adi, azza)
(( if you girls are reading this)) 

again, Congratulation to y'all ladies, I am superbly proud of each one of you. I mean it, seriously! I'm glad that you've guys did the best your very best which actually helps way more than a lot in each paper. It was a real 6D ride of roller-coaster during high school for each of us. Give yourself a pat on your shoulder for the great hardworking. Be proud of yourself and yes good luck on the next chapter of students' life again, but this time a little much tougher than the usual which you would probably think about finance, savings, and again struggle. ALL THE BEST & I love you guys (*virtual internet hugs, much tighter hugs than usual*) 

back to the page that we were supposed to, SPM has been a big impact in my life. Which I obviously wouldn't want to repeat. Alhamdulillah again for this achievements. 

*scroll back up and stare at the picture for about 5secs with a bit of happy inner feelings* As shown, it is The 50th edition of TEKNIKA, my school's magazine. The editing is noteworthy. couldn't thank the school's SR Team more, they are amazing! Every event that happens throughout last year was captured and printed on each page, thankfully. I wished that I did vlogs every day of 2016 so that I could capture every bitter-sweet moments of high school life and save them in a memory card, and watched it over and over again in the future. But I wasn't clever enough back then and so I didn't do any of it. regretting of not doing them. urgh. why (?) Well that's why the school's magazine is so useful, well at least flipping each page give me a scene in my own mind on how the day happens to work out. 

so many duties,
so busy minds,
busy running around, 
going to discipline room back and forth, 
late to classes, 
get questioned for everything 
in classes

here, I attached some of the pictures taken during the results day. 

to more gathering with friends in the future! 
& to SPM Candidates of 2016 congratulations on your results, and don't forget to say Alhamdulillah again and again and again. 

writer itself 

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  1. hey, i almost cried, almost! first and foremost, congratulations Na(!!!) for the great achievements, not only in SPM but everything else too! you were very busy and active at school and you deserve all what you gained, baby girl! :-) x

    1. so does you atin!!You deserve them way more!! love you!!!

  2. nanacum!! this post makes me so happy and miss you :( i first want to thank you for sticking by my side when im on the low and high, when im all happy or emo. and for all the time you had to teman me at pd room to study or sit through my boring stories, hahahah i couldnt express how much i appreciate it all! so im gonna say this, you deserve it all, you deserve this and so much more! for all the times you felt like crying because you were too tired of....everything in school, for all the running around you had to do, for all the problems you had to overcome, you *deserve* all the good things in life. stay true to yourself because i wouldnt want you any other way ;)
    muah ciked, nadhi_kimchi

    1. Thankyou nadhi kimchi for being there, i miss those days already. We were like marshmallow back then, sticking with each other for like almost 24/7 except showering i guess!! Thanks for the endless support and i love you always and pls dont disappear from my life okay <3

  3. Whatever your spm result is, Congratulation! It's over now :p




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