School's Appreciation 15

2015 School & Asrama session has now come to an end. After going through ups and downs in school, i just realize how much memories i have already made. everything was just more than priceless, those memories that kept on giving me tears to just even think about it because those stuff was just something we often do in dorm and class, most likely with the same person. i realize how fun it was to just live with these circle of friends who always make you feel you comfortable as how you are at home (even though at home we don't really have friends to play with) i mean like they actually make me forget abt home as in making me homesick or etc. Sharing beds and gossiping with Azira, making Fatin laugh when she's in her emotional mood, listening to Najihah's jokes, hearing Nabilah's annoying morning alarm, Dina's being emo with her classmates, Khairun with her coop thinggy, Nadhi with her butterflies everytime she meet someone and Arfa with her maggie sale. I can say that i already miss all those now. 

it actually gives me tears to the fact that I'll literally not going to be in the same dorm again with them next year. i'll probably miss waking up to see their face and do evening things together. to the fact that i always be happy with them, sharing my stress and MPP stuff with them. Well next year i really home i can always keep in touch with them no matter what, eventhough we're in different dorm that doesn't mean that i cant go lepak with them or what, right? i believe that they will support me in whatever i do, & dear friends lets be close as how we are now because you guys had made me fall in love with your comfort-ness. i love you guys till the end, thankyou for being a part of my 2015 and hoping more memories coming soon with you guys. xoxo 

Before that, not to forget about my buddy, I surely will missed being your buddy dear, Zetizalin Shazmin, thankyou for every single knowledge about leadership you have taught me. you aren't going to be around anymore next year, by that i hope i could replace your place in school and continue the legacy of being a good and trustwothy MPP sooner. Once again thankyou for the memories we did together & inshaAllah lets meet up soon. If you are reading this i just wanna tell you i love your crazy attitude :p 

Here's a little capture that we took on the last week of school: 

Thankyou for being part of my 2015 <3

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  1. almost teared up but i didn't (oh fatin is so emotional, yep). already miss you and the others! of course we can lepak and do stupid things like we used to just don't busy yourself and make time for us :p hehe. all the best of luck for next year Che'Na. <3

    1. i miss all of us already you know, yes lets lepak most of the time alright, understand my situation & sure there'll be time for you guys. xoxo <3




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