Time is ticking

It's 2:34am and i'm awake, after getting back from a movie just now. Yeah watched The Avengers: Age Of Ultron for 2 times already. Yes. Yes. Just shhh, sorry for being rude(?) Am i? Okay, so now less than a day i'll be back in my so-called normal yet 'fun' life back in asrama which is so not cool for me yet , yeah so not-cool-like-really-i-mean-it. Less than a day which will mean less than hour afterwards and yes bam im in the dorm already, and there goes the same routine again and again and again. Waking up early just to book for a bathroom and then bath and back to sleep wake up at 6, get dress up and out 6.30 for subuh and school starts end at 2:40 and Zohor prayer and lunch time and back to class and yes 4:30 for Asar prayer and back to dorm, go bath and find peace on bed and wake at 6 and get-ready for dinner-ibadah-prep and dining hall at 6.40 and down to surau till 9pm and back to class till 11 midnight and go back to dorm get ready for sleep and 11:55 for light off and sleep at 12:00 and BAMMM i can close my eyes. There goes the same routine every single day, except if there's tiring activities then i'll be much more tired than usual. 4 Days of holidays is not enough for me and literally for everyone right?, its okay we're on the same exact track. Too bad this time i couldnt spent my holiday with Mum and little sisters, and that makes my holiday more worse actually, how i wished they're home right now. Already missing ohana even when im still at home right. aish. Till then i'll continue back when i'm home next time ya. Good Night :') 

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