Everything gives me a WOW

         Hi there,so here i am now starting my first day of the 2-weeks-school-holiday, so as written up there ( i mean in the picture obviously) I can see how deep those we're given to me tho, Yes someone actually gave those to me. Yes unbelievable i know. By the time i receive those type of reply i was like fuhhhhhhhhhhhhh totally struck by lightning and immediately get a cut and bam! OUCH. Im at the point of life where now i realize that people are trying to get close with just to take me for granted. But then thinking it again again and again i shouldnt trust people easily, yknow some people are just being so-real-freaking fake and there are also that type of person who actually loves seeing us sad and disappoint seeing us being happy right (?) Ya, i know these type of people exist and i still have no i dea why do they actually exist. i think thats alll for today, i'll just continue later on since im totally messed with every freaking things now and i can already say that this holiday are going to be truly tired as f.  Goodnight cruel world! 

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