Exam means struggling


Hi(how many times do i wanna repeat this) so now, idk why but for today i feel addicting and wanting to post more, lol(?) Pardon me for being so bored. So yeap im just going to write whatever's on my mind and this time its going to be about exam. Yes i repeat, EXAM. How can this be ?! i thought 2015 has just started and now its May already, wow i see now how time flies like real fast. Mid-Year Exam are just around the corner and im hella afraid for it. I swear, there's is like literally sooooooooooooooo many chapter to read in each 10 FREAKING SUBJECTS. How can this happen *cry emoji* i can tell you every subject their sub topic are mostly hard and i have to memorize it and everything seems like History now espeacially Civil Studies. Oh god, help me!

I dont get it, why does things become more harder as we grow up, challenges, problems and everything that mess teenagers life. I bet all teenagers feel me ya. So yeap i have TO really really really really freaking really do well this i have to be Top 50 30 this time, i have to show mom and dad that i can. I hate the time when i can't give them a good one when it comes to exams, eventhough mom doesn't seems like she really care, but i know maybe deep down she does worried about me, maybe(?)

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