Asrama Surviving Kit

Hello, hi and konichiwa, 
I just have this idea on writing  about asrama post because i just want to let the people who have any interest to know about asrama to know how it is like to be in asrama, beside half of form 4's TIKL or also known as Sekolah Menengah Teknik Kuala Lumpur are already in so i decided to give some reality advice for you guys on how to stay alive in the real asrama feels: this is all the experience on how I and my friends manage to survive hostel life; 

//this tips might be useful, so jotter them up//

1; Bring a photo of your family to paste on locker ( Incase you miss home atleast you get your family "photo" along

2; Bring loads of biscuits and instant coffea/choco ( you'll be really hungry in anytime)

3; Get atleast a wrist watch ( you'll be wanting to know the time like every single second)

4; Go to dining hall if its open ( if you're not hungry atleast eat for a little cause thats the only way for you to get real pyramid food)

5; Get you Family's number written somewhere (If you're homesick, dont call your mum/dad everyday but call them once or twice to let them know that you'll be okay soon)

6; Make yourself busy ( by this you'll be not always think that you need to be at home because your mind are at tired state)

7; Try to make friends with someone who you're comfort with ( Atleast you have someone who could accompany you)

8; If you feel like crying get yourself food! ( Dont cry too often, it'll loosen your confidence on being independent)

9; Try to sleep as early as you could ( As soon as the light off announcement, try to sleep approximately because sleeping are gold in hostel life)

10; Get studies advice from seniors (Incase if you need any study tips or anyone to help in studies, try to ask the seniors since they're also studying the same thing (they might help))

11; Dont be rude & respect everyone ( this could be the best way to not interrupt anyone)

12; Get to know the real rules of your asrama 

13; Believe in your ownselves that you can survive  

14; Keep in mind that living in asrama is a golden experience.

15; Study during prep time (that helps you the most to study(because you'll be very very very tired in school) this also help you to force yourself to keep on working for a success)

          There would be might much more tips but for me that would be it (incase i forgot something just comment them) I hope this might help new comer or more known as freshy to asrama life. Here's a little advice; You wont feel comfortable as soon as you enter asrama life, you'll be very tired for a few weeks. But why not give yourself time to get comfort with the schedule, if you cant stand with it try to fight within yourself and say that you can survive and be independent. All i could say here is, asrama life actually helps you to be a better student who would actually be prepared to study because of the good surrounding, be proud of yourself and achievement and give yourself time to be comfort. You might need 4-8 months to get comfort in asrama's life. Good Luck and May you succeed!


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