25 things Singapore thought Me

Recently, I just got back from Singapore! It was totally amazeballs! Just filling my holidays with spending time more with family and i totally love it! So basically, there's totally a lot of new things that i really learnt while travelling to Singapore;
  • no chewing gum please
  • stays on the left side of the escalator if you're not rushing
  • bring plastics for wet swimming suits
  • for a new day call up the house keeping service ( get free hotel goods)
  • do not bring heavy shoes for a walk
  • just wear lite clothes that suits the current country's weather
  • dont afraid to ask
  • get the maps and pamphlets during at the airport, it help A LOT MORE
  • do research a week before travelling
  • while packing dont fold but roll your clothes
  • respect the country's law
  • use public transport for more new experience (singapore's MRT is one of the world most high good public transport, im serious)
  • dont be shy with street fashion
  • try the local food
  • swim as long as you want 
  • take mirror selfie on the hotel room 
  • be prepare for a very long walk
  • dont make noise on a quite place 
  • be nice to be treated nice
  • keep on smiling
  • do not ruined anyone's mood especially on the first day
  • be creative & do travel journals
  • take good photos for good memories
  • family full photo with the country's symbol! (eg; the airport)

i guess that is it what i learnt so far [ the ones i mostly remembered] Singapore was totally not boring as what you thought it would be. Been there a few times and i still think that there's more a lot thing to explore! Will go back there soon later on! Anyway, to Singapore; Happy 50th Birthday and thankyou for the pleasant hospitality! SG50

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