Shocking Back Home

Im here to openly says that im truly blessed of having good friends in Asrama for being such a care throught my days in asrama, they know who they are even though i didnt metion. yes girls, im blessed of having you gurls. Oh btw, i ask the warden on duty for an outing to go for a clinic with dad. YOU KNOW WHY? Because there's this creepy-ugly-sharp-mdfk insects that bite me till i get enormous swolen on my left hand. Gues what? the effectwas terrible and the swolen is just getting much more worse than ever so thats why i decide to go for a clinical checkup. And the doctor end up saying that my hands are getting worse, so i was given so dang much of medcine to eat especially anti-biotic and if my hand aren't getting bettin in a few days i have to go for an injection and get warded. because this thing is playing. And im totally scared right now because its itchy as fudge(chocolate fudge). End of story 

   So currently, i am laying on my bed and it 11:29pm. I have done 2 of assignments for today and probably will continue studying tomorrow morning & i really have to dicipline myself in studying now because my exam is just less than 2 weeks. So yeap pray the best for in my finals, i hope i could score well & make Mama and Abah proud of having me in this world. There's nothing more i need than making them smile because of me. 

  " O Allah, im seeking you for everything in this world, You are the most Graceful, Most Merciful< and Most Lovable. Ya Allah, please give this girl, Che Aina Husna a chance of being success in life and also hereafter. YaAllah, please give this girl the chance on getting straight A's and A+ in every exam she's taking, YaAllah  you simplify it in our affairs in this world and the hereafter, and to you Ya Allah soften her hearts on sitting here upcoming exam, Rabbana Attina Fiddunya Khasanah Wafil akhirati Hasanah wakina azabbanar, wasallalahu Alaihi wasalam walhamdulilah hirabbil alamin"

-xxo- .

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