Girlfriends' Day Out

Yes, Indeed we had lots and lots of fun meeting each other again. After so long of being away from each other, we finally reunite and have our girls talk yesterday. What a tired-meaningful-blessed-fun day i can say. I still wished that i can live on that day again and again and again. But to bad it wont. Hoping to meet you guys on the other day again! InshaAllah. So here's how the story of how the  tired-meaningful-blessed-fun day goes; 

  • Started with waking up on 7:15am and off to mum's off
  • Lepaking at mum's office till 9:45
  • Iqa & Alia called me and meet up at McD KL Sentral 
  • Chit-chatting with Iqa & Alia 
  • Off to NU Sentral with them both and walk of to Sephora, Uniqlo, B&B without buying a thing(no      regretting) 
  • Walk in to typo and buy cute stuff like yeah 
  • Walk into Cotton On and bought sale stuff that have sale like 50% off (IKNOW ITS CRAZY) 
  • Its 11:45 and head off to Midvalley with KTM 
  • We've arrived too early & so hangout at the food junction while eating cendol casually
  •  Dilla arrived with her abang at 12:10 and we talk talk and talk 
  •  Casually strolling around midvalley 
  • Nana asked us to wait for her infront of McD and so we did. 
  • And we casually sit and talk at this thing called "tiang besar" somewhere nearby the centre point 
  •  1:24pm already and Azira&Nissa are late *facepalm* (We're having an upset stomach in the mean time) 
  • Taking group photo outside the Midvalley (Thanks to Akmal&Harris-Nissa's &Azira's Bros) 
  • Deciding on what to eat and head of to Chili's (couldn't eat there because its full as f) 
  • walking down on the underground and still couldnt decide a thing 
  • Finally sitting and ordering at Delicious and we eat eat eat 
  • Having a talk with the girls for about 1hr and half (kind of )
  • Walk and walk and head of to no where
  • Going to SushiQ and Iqa bought her sushi stuff 
  • Went to ToysRus and we casually played in there with kids toys(yes we did) 
  • Had a meet up with Syahmi and Syafiq at Food Junction and talk and gossip stuff 
  • Went to McD with them and casually eat ice cream and talk 
  • And there goes the farewell 
  • And its 5:30pm already and everyone have to leave 
  • Sad moment of leaving 
  • Everyone dismissed 

So that is how the goes, It was totally fun eventhough all we did was just talk talk and talk, but i swear that is what i surely will missed always. & i guess that is all so here's a little photo while we were out: 

That is it, bye! <3 xoxo 

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