hello, a very warm welcome to all! im currently writing this while sitting on sofa with blankies on because its freakingly cold since the rain havent stop from the morning; and so we continue, shall we? 

but before that, the tittle sound so movie-like / novel-ish which i hope doesnt really sounds cliche, right? 
if its too cliche, i suggest you to puke now before you hold it in! sorry in advance!!

this time is going to be about a person who succeed in making me laugh and cheers through out every single day. someone who knows me better in the inner side and accept how crazy i act everyday, not act as in berlakon but how my perangai goes. it all start just by working with each other which we never suits in completing a thing but end up fighting in our meeting. idk but it all goes for nearly half a year straight busy with all the school thing, doing this and that, meeting, understanding, fighting and stuff. everything was just not right for us. till one day he came with the idea to help me and there goes everything change, completely 360 degree around. i think there's no need for me to tell the world on how it goes. till then he has become that one person who is always there to listen to my all type of stories from just a movie being played on tv until the deep inner thoughts an . i mean its like from a little tiny bits into an enormous matter. he has become the best listener with no complaints so far. but so mengada some how.there's too much for me to enlist on how he is like because, its just so indescribable when it comes to describing. its not that i cant but its just that i have 1001 reasons why but okay chill i'll list them later on.there's no need to mention who, he knows who he is.[to you; HI!]

here's a little list on how he's like; *again if you feel like puking, i suggest you to do so*

      his the type that;
+ would be there through thick and thin
+ listen to every useless stories even though he doesnt have any interest 
+go freely with any of my idea
+support in every hollow road i go
+busy 24/7 but still try hard for an effort to be there
+share warm thoughts and give life advice
+eats all types of food ( no memilih one, he taram everything)
+high metabolism and still never get fat 
+not a very typical one
+very good in sports
+not easily attached with social stuff ( i like this part)
+love,like,so attached with cats and kittens (this is vice versa on me)
+loves talking about future as in life,education and everything involves useful things
+very ambitious
+damn good in BM; mengarang and more related to it(again vice versa)
+uses bombastic words which i never knew the existence of it
+loves BM like no other
+intelligence in his best way
+got the look as how his brain works
+stick to phone like 24/7 but never open them 
+we share the same height...(so cool right?!?!?!!)
+this is cheeeeeeeezyyyyyyyyy but ok lah loving and caring one *doing the hand menyampah pose*
+he's my piece of art 
+goes shy with girls
+and......much more 1000 reasons 

ew, i know i am being so cliche here but it just that i should talk on how he means a lot me. 
p/s: thankyou for your presence and in hope this last, if Allah wills it.

here's a little piece of art of him when we met and is an eye-candy to me; 
the first list of my cafe- hoping list(the cafe we lepak and talk)

and so he accompanied me

why so serious?

i purposely asked him to stand there and act like nothing is happening
 (he layan my perangai to tangkap gambar!!!)

he accompanied me here

epic and so.......lawa

outfit? the blue colour matches with/without planning

i love this place!!!!

with that i shall end this post with: thankyou for reading!
toodles reader <3 *with a heart and v hand post on face* 

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  1. sweetest thing bole potong kaki ni! hahaha (jk~) ya Allah, i hope nothing but endless happiness for both of you. <3

    1. omg fatin tak sangka you baca this fast!!! inshaAllah <3




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